Welcome to The Cultivated Heart.

The Cultivated Heart is meant to help you sow a fulfilling life by cultivating your heart.   Photo by: Chloe Giancola Photography

The Cultivated Heart is meant to help you sow a fulfilling life by cultivating your heart. 

Photo by: Chloe Giancola Photography

Hi there, and welcome to The Cultivated Heart! We’ve been working over the last couple of months to create an experience – not just a product – that’s going to change hearts, and in turn, change lives.

My name is Amanda, but a lot of people know me as The Creative PorcupineThis name stems for the fact that I use to be a porcupine. I found myself always pushing away the important for the unimportant. I continued this pattern through college and afterwards, ultimately hurting a lot of relationships in my life. I was unhappy with the story I was writing and ultimately saw the negative in every situation I was in. Perfectionism destroyed relationships as happiness escaped me because I refused to be happy until I reached a certain point in my life. 

This is me today. My heart is full of joy as I continue to cultivate it to become a better person. I am not the porcupine I use to be. I value people more than ever and realized after reaching goals that life is meaningless without fruitful relationships. 

If you’ve found yourself striving, running toward the false notion of “perfection,” or constantly comparing the current state of your life to that of others, you’re not alone, and you’ve come to the right place.


To celebrate the launch of The Cultivated Heart Workbook, we’re here to share a few quick tips about how to make your workbook work for you, and how to make the most out of your new favorite product.

1.) Be prepared to grow.


The Cultivated Heart wasn’t created to be an easy, no-brainer experience – this workbook serves as a tool for growth and self-exploration. Your workbook is your personal haven – write in it, carry it with you wherever you may go, jot down people you need to love on. If you’re not committed to being 100% transparent with yourself while working through The Cultivated Heart journey, it won’t serve you the way it was created to.

2.) Take time to reflect.


Completing The Cultivated Heart isn’t a race. We want you to take your time and thoughtfully reflect on each page, soaking in your words and feelings, and maybe even giving yourself a pat on the back for discovering something new about yourself! Whether that means taking a day off between completing sections to reflect or setting a schedule to spend time with The Cultivated Heart, it’s important to slow down and make the most of these pages.


3.) Get involved online.

One of the unqiue parts about participating in The Cultivated Heart is the fact that you’ll have the opportunity to become involved in an online community rooting for you and your amazing progress! Engage with The Cultivated Heart’s online community and share special milestones that you’ve reached throughout the workbook. We can’t wait to get to know you and see how your heart changes over the coming weeks and months.