4 Ways to Master the Art of Pruning

When you hear “pruning,” you might think about working in a garden, or at least I do. Luckily, pruning doesn’t just apply to beautiful flowers, but to our lives and hearts as well.

If you’ve reached the Prune section in The Cultivated Heart, I’m so proud of you! For some of you, pruning might be the most challenging section of The Cultivated Heart to work through. When it comes to intentionally removing dead or living parts of your life, it’s natural to deal with a wave of emotions.

Because of that, below are 4 ways to master the art of pruning – I hope you find them helpful!


Quit the comparison game.

Easier said than done, right? Totally. Once you identify the three people that you compare yourself to most in your Cultivated Heart workbook, consider stepping away from social media for a few days. I’m talking completely, utterly cut off – delete the apps from your phone if you must. After a few days, reevaluate and ask yourself if you found yourself playing the comparison game less during your social media fast. If the answer is yes, it’s time to make a change!

Dive deep into your relationships.

That friend who takes little digs at you. That guy who makes you feel like there’s always room for improvement. Take inventory of the relationships in your life that are making you feel less-than-great and take a long, hard look at whether or not these are relationships that you should continuing pouring your heart into. If they aren’t, it may be time for a little pruning session.

Face your fears.

It’s time to give fear the boot. The first step to eliminating your fears is to acknowledge them, and realize that they don’t hold power over you.  I encourage you to write down your most intimate, irrational fears in your Cultivated Heart workbook, and then completely prune them out of your life. Chat over your fears with a friend – verbalizing fear is another great way to acknowledge and move past it. I can assure you that once you prune away your worries, you’ll be ready to bloom!

Do a spring cleaning.

It’s the perfect season for spring-cleaning, so roll up your sleeves and purge the old clothing, trinkets and items that you no longer need. A life of simplicity is a happy one, and pruning away the clutter in your life will make a huge difference in your happiness and productivity levels.

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