Sharing The Love

I’m thrilled to introduce Ashley, the creator and passionate heart behind Love Everywhere. Love Everywhere is a mission based on loving others, where personalized, handwritten cards are left in day-to-day places, waiting to be found. I’m certain that a found Love Everywhere note has brightened someone’s day, encouraged others, or even changed someone’s life. Learn more about Ashley’s incredible journey with Love Everywhere below, as well as how launching the project has helped Ashley cultivate seeds of Love in her daily life.

Q: When did you first decide to start Love Everywhere, and why do you think that it’s so important to share love with others on a daily basis?

The idea for Love Everywhere was birthed in December of 2009.  I shared the concept with several friends, and not long after we were out in our city distributing 150 preprinted note cards. Since then, we’ve transitioned into more personalized, hand-written notecards; and we’ve left nearly 3,000 of them in various locations-coffee shops, library books, grocery stores—anywhere we have visited in our day-to-day routines. Our desire is for these quick one or two sentence notes to lift the spirits of random people that might need to receive a kind word just to get them through the day.  No strings attached.  Just love from our pens to paper for someone incredible to discover. 

Q: Tell us what your day-to-day is like while running Love Everywhere, and how do you keep your momentum going during a busy week?

I have two small children who keep me busy each day with activities and requests, but I squeeze in time for Love Everywhere every chance I get (early mornings, nap times and late nights!) I always keep a few pre-written cards in my purse so that if an opportunity comes to leave one behind while I’m out and about, I’m ready! Truthfully without our brand ambassadors we wouldn’t be half as awesome as our Instagram account makes us seem! We are so fortunate to have a great team of golden-hearted people out in the world with cards and they submit some stellar photos through our #shareloveeverywhere tag. As far as keeping momentum going, I think just keeping a heart posture of love is what does it.

Q: Why do you think cultivating love in your life and the lives of others is a non-negotiable, and how do you cultivate love every day?

I am a firm believer that all people deserve to feel valued, heard, loved…and that everyone has amazing qualities about who they are that make them worthy of loving. I never want anyone to leave my company without feeling as if they were heard and valued.  Cultivating love every day…I think it ultimately starts at home. Being kind to the people you love the most can actually be extremely challenging! But starting at home, creating an environment of love and leads to joy…and that’s the best feeling in the whole world (especially when you share it with someone else!)

Q: What's next for Love Everywhere, and how do you plan to keep the momentum going behind your amazing brand?

Currently we are adding to our awesome list of brand ambassadors and also looking for more collaboration opportunities to put as much love out in the world as possible! I think momentum is built by sharing stories of love and we hope to be able to do that a lot more, too! We will also be releasing some limited merchandise items throughout boutiques across the US and online soon!

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