3 Ways to Make Progress on Your Heart

The Cultivated Heart officially launched over two months ago, and wow, what a ride it has been! If you’ve been actively participating in responding to your workbook and chatting along with us in The Cultivators Facebook group, THANK YOU.

Of course, it’s never too late to make the most out of your own, special journey to see your way through The Cultivated Heart. So, take a moment and think – what has your biggest triumph been while writing and reflecting your way through The Cultivated Heart? What has your most sobering, serious revelation been?

Below are a few ideas for taking inventory of your progress so far and turning those reflections into actions. Which idea will you be implementing in your Cultivated Heart journey moving forward?


Plan a coffee meet-up.

I don’t know about you, but conversation flows best over coffee. Plan a coffee date for you and a close friend – or a group of friends also working through The Cultivated Heart! – and hold intentional conversations regarding the state of your heart and mind in your favorite coffee shop. One of the most important facets of growing intentional relationships in your life is taking things offline – a face-to-face heart-to-heart will always resonate more than a text message.


Host a webinar.

Alright, alright – sometimes life gets hectic and an in-person meeting with your fellow Cultivators around the country just isn’t realistic. It’s time to get tech-savvy! Host a webinar through a service like Any Meeting and get ready to chat progress, intention and goals. Even better? Invite friends who have not yet started their Cultivated Heart journey to fill them in on the great self-discovery that comes along with each workbook.


Journal your progress.

If you’re not yet at the point of feeling comfortable verbalizing your progress through The Cultivated Heart, don’t sweat it! Journaling is just as productive in taking inventory of your progress and has the added benefit of serving as a point of reference to go back to in the future. My recommendation? Create a special page in your journal divided by two sections: “Where I’ve Come From” and “Where I’m Going.” These two columns will serve as great places for you to chronicle all of the amazing progress that you’ve made since flipping to the opening page of The Cultivated Heart, and will also serve as a friendly reminder that there is still progress and pruning to be done.


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