When Less Is Actually More.

I don’t know about you, but the older I’ve gotten, I’ve truly come to embrace the age-old phrase “less is more.” Less baggage, less worrying, less material things. When I’ve intentionally taken the time to minimize certain aspects of my life, the results have been nothing but wonderful.

If you need to welcome the power of less into your day-to-day life, you’re not alone. We’re all dealing with our own unique breed of clutter, but there are ways to fight it! Below are three ways that you can actively pursue the power of less in your life, and I can assure you that you’ll be feeling a whole lot lighter in no time.

Consider a capsule wardrobe.

If you’ve never heard of what a capsule wardrobe entails, I urge you to drop everything that you’re doing and take a look at the wonderful Unfancy right this second.

Great, right?

Minimizing your closet to a handful of rotating, functional pieces throughout the year may sound countercultural and downright scary, but it pushes us out of our comfort zones, forces us to get creative and instantly streamlines your closet. Capsule wardrobes equal less stress and less fashion overwhelm.

Go on a spending hiatus.

Another great way to welcome the power of less into your life is by taking an intentional spending hiatus. Now, I’m not saying that you should go hungry and go without buying groceries, but I encourage you to write a list of your necessities and non-necessities.

All of those non-necessities? Cut them out of your budget for a month.

Taking a spending hiatus from impromptu Starbucks runs and binges at Target is a great way to remind us of what we absolutely need and don’t need. It’s also a great lesson in intentional spending and saving. Your wallet will thank you later.

Step away from your desk, already!

This one might be the most important point noted in this post. So many of us are living under the myth that in order to be “successful” and “productive,” we definitely need to be putting in more hours at our desks and in our inboxes.

This simply isn’t true.

I challenge you to spend less time at work this week. Whether this means taking a 30-minute break just to get some fresh air or working in manageable blocks of time that will allow you to wrap up work on time, spending less time going at the daily grind is something that we all need every once in a while.

How do you cultivate the power of less in your day-to-day? Let us know in the comments below.