3 Tips for Cultivating Vulnerability Every Day


It’s a word that Webster’s defines as “susceptible to harm or damage, emotional injury, or attack.” I don’t know about you, but vulnerability can be scary.

Vulnerability is sitting down for coffee with an estranged friend and putting your heart on the line. It’s explicitly sharing your feelings and needs in a relationship that might not be serving you best. It’s looking your loved one in the eyes and telling them how you truly feel.

Have you found yourself running from vulnerability for the fear that sharing your heart and your most honest parts will leave you powerless? You’re not alone.

If you’ve made it to the seed of Vulnerability in your Cultivated Heart journey, you know that practicing intentional vulnerability isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to sow and tend to the most meaningful seeds of your life!

Below are 3 tips for cultivating vulnerability every day that you can start practicing now:

Learn what vulnerability means to you.

Each and every one of you are so unique and irreplaceable. Learn what vulnerability means in your story, and tend to that seed in your life accordingly. For some, vulnerability may mean learning to show and share your emotions more; for others, it’s learning how to tear down walls that have blocked out friends and family for so long.

Write down why the word “vulnerability” scares you.

Don’t give your words power over you – write down why vulnerability scares you, acknowledge those reasons, and then keep moving forward. This section in The Cultivated Heart is the perfect place to lay those words and feelings to rest.

Consciously cultivate vulnerability.

Now comes the true test – cultivating vulnerability in your life. It’s ok to start small – maybe share with a friend how much they mean to you, or call your parent to tell them that you’ve been thinking about them and that you love them. No matter how busy you may be, take time to check in on your heart and take inventory of the feelings and thoughts you’re processing on any given day.

How are you currently cultivating vulnerability? Share your tips in the comments.


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