What is The Cultivated Heart?

The Cultivated Heart is a collection of tools that are designed to help you begin to take steps to move toward a more fulfilling life. Based on my research, experience, and knowledge it is a cumulation of topics and steps that are to be worked through in order to obtain a cultivated heart. 

Is The Cultivated Heart a Bible study or "self-help" workbook?

The Cultivated Heart is not a bible study, but asks questions that could be beneficial to discuss with a small group. It is indirectly based off of certain principles of the Bible, making it something that could be utilized in a small group. 

Is the The Cultivated Heart a devotional?

The Cultivated Heart is not a devotional. It is designed as a workbook/journal. The first part of the workbook asks you specific questions while the back is journal format.

How will this help me?

I designed this tool to not only help you work through aspects of yours life, but to bring attention to areas that you may not have given thought to or need a change in perspective. These tools will help guide you through steps to begin cultivating different sections of your life to bring about a more fulfilling life. 

What is the difference between The Guided Journal and The Heart Check?

Both items touch on the same products and work to cultivate the same seeds. However, the difference between the two is how you choose to use them. The Guided Journal is reserved specifically for quiet time and someone who desires to either begin or continue their journaling journey. The Heart Check is a way to begin planting seeds on a daily basis. Sometimes it is difficult for someone to journal on a daily basis so The Heart Check is meant to be a tool for someone who desires to cultivate their heart daily.

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